Episode 29

This week Chris shoots his mouth off about the feature film 'Ghost World' (based on the great graphic novel of the same name). Chris knows that Daniel Clowes is a talented and iconic practitioner of the Comic Arts worthy of the praise and adulation he has rightfully received. With this knowledge he STILL continues to project his own shortcomings onto the Ghost World film (not the comic) in lieu of examining his own debilitating fears and distorted sense of self.

Daniel Clowes: Talented author and artist.

Flat Cap: Self involved, empty vessel who blames others for his own failings.

Indian Mick: Nexus 6 Replicant, Func: Combat, Colonization Defense Prog. Phys: LEV. A, Mental: LEV. A.

Axe Handle: 200,000 kms, new tires, Air-Cared, needs new brakes and engine, free to first caller. You pay to haul away. May not exist.

Happy Leap Day!

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